Club Membership

Become a member with Club Envy

Yearly Subscription £2,000

Club Envy has been designed to benefit the supercar enthusiast who wants to hire a choice of cars throughout the year. The membership benefits of a 25% discount on all our rates, flexible terms and having the car for minimum of 3 day hire. No complex points system, no hidden small print; just superb cars, numerous benefits and one annual fee.

Package Includes:

Advanced Driving Course (Optional)

Experience a day of driving a range of cars to reach your full potential as an advanced driver, this is encouraged towards the younger members (Under 28yrs old).

Free delivery and collection service

Delivery and collection to central London, Heathrow and Birmingham Airport.

Lowered driving age

A lowered driving age of 25 for cars which usually require a driving age of 28; plus a lowered driving age of 24 for cars which usually require a driving age of 25 (members can add additional drivers at these ages too).

Monthly News Letter

We'll let you know about new car availability four weeks before anyone else does, plus make special offers and seasonal promotions available to you first.

Preferential rental rate

25% off every rental off three or more days, any time of year.

Reduced security deposit

A vastly reduced security deposit: for standard £3,500 excesses the deposit level is £2,000; on a standard £2,500 excess it is £1,500.

Call our team on 0800 130 3100 for further information on the benefits of Club Envy and how you can become a member.

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